Pito & Mita at Aguirre St., BF Homes

Last January 29, I went out with 2 of my workmates (mam ria and jhovert) at my pasig area who also lived in the South. We played badminton at Playground in Las Pinas. After an hour of being soundly beaten by the ever enthusiastic jhovert, (smash siya ng smash. 2 of us were merely casual players. hehehe)  we decided to go to BF Homes for dinner. Ma’am Ria suggested we eat at Pito & Mita, a new Mediterranean restaurant in BF Homes since it always had many people going there.

When we went inside the restaurant, we noticed that it looked like a typical house in Paranaque that was just converted into a restaurant. But it was neat and the ambiance was ok.

We looked at the menu and was looking forward to eating meat. Mam Ria and I ordered their Steak Kebab. They asked us whether we wanted the Prime rib or Rib eye. We asked them what the difference was and they told us that prime rib was leaner while the rib eye had more fat. Being the fatty-food loving people that we are, we opted for the rib eye. Jhovert ordered their chicken cordon bleu. For drinks, we had the lemon moringa juice or was it tea. I can’t remember and I wasn’t able to take a picture of it, but it was good! It complemented the food well and was not heavy and it was bottomless.

Our orders came and we were impressed by how it looked. The steak kabab tasted great. The meat was tender and juicy and cooked just right. And the rice was also very tasty. It also smelled good!

The chicken cordon bleu ordered by jhovert:

We tasted a bit of the chicken cordon bleu and it was very good.  Cooked just right and not dry. Tasty too!

For the quality and quantity of the food served, I think we got our money’s worth. We were also happy with the service at Pito & Mita. The staff was very courteous and quick at serving the food, which was good because we were already famished. They were also very accommodating (they complied with our request to taste their iced teas first before we ordered and also got our pictures taken).


NOTE: Pito & Mita closed their restaurant business last January but they still do food orders and simple caterings.


Little Tokyo


There’s another place that we usually go to also in Mile Long called Little Tokyo. It’s a cluster of authentic Japanese restaurants that have their own specialties. I haven’t been to Tokyo but the ambiance at Little Tokyo feels like you’ve been transported to another place, Tokyo. hehehe.

The restaurant that we frequent is called Kagura. It specialize in okonomiyaki (a japanese pancake with fillings that range from bacon, pork slices, noodles, octopus, etc.)  The night that we went there we got the noodles, pork slice and octopus combination. not so sure if that was the exact combi but basically that was it. It was very tasty and filling.

We also got a side dish of agedashi mochi (rice cake with sauce) and it was sticky and also yummy.  Be careful with eating it though, because its very hot at the beginning and could result to burned tongues. hehehe.

After that, we had “dessert” at the store beside Kagura. I just really can’t remember what its name was but for us, its very memorable for its authentic takoyaki (octopus balls) and shaved ice.  We did order it but I wasn’t able to get a picture of it. The takoyaki had big chunks of octopus and some red ginger inside. it also had some sweet and tangy sauce and bonito flakes on top. oh yum!

taken by jeannie.

that night, i think we weren’t able to eat shaved ice because we were too full from lunch and merienda in tagaytay. but here’s how their shaved ice looks like from a previous visit. they have other flavors too but IMO, the strawberry one is their best. the white thing on top is milk.

For those looking for authentic Japanese food and experience, this is the place for you. The food is good and the ambiance even better.

Sango Master Burger!!!

Last January 14, a group of friends and I went to Sango Master Burger at Mile Long in Makati.  We have always gone to that place for our get togethers because of the food and ambiance but I haven’t really had the time to write about it.

I always get their yakiniku rice burger but that night, I got the yakiniku kimuchi rice burger and their chili hotdog.  (i didn’t have any lunch that day. yeah right.) The yakiniku kimuchi rice burger was good! even if it was plain, it’d still be good. the meat was just right and the rice was also good. the added kimuchi gave it an added zest. everything about it was refreshing.

definitely better than the Mcdo Rice burger!!!

Next on my plate was the Chili Hotdog. DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!!! it has jalapenos on it but it wasn’t too spicy. just right. but then again, what’s just right for me may not be so for others.. ahemahem. The sausage was not your usual commercialized hotdog. it was soft and meaty and basically just right.


They also have big fries. not your usual small fries but big potato cut fries. very filling!!! I also had the calpis soda to go with the burger and chili dog. it was also good. sweet, something like sprite with other stuff mixed in it.

I definitely recommend this place to those that want a different twist to their burger experience. There are other things on their menu that you should try, like their blueberry cornflake shake, but maybe i’ll post about it next time because we had our desserts at another place (Little Tokyo). 🙂

Wheee!!! new shoes!!!

I really am an addict. a boxing addict. Last Friday, I dropped by the Toby’s at SM Hypermart in Pasig. I checked if they had any boxing shoes and they did. The sign for the Kings Boxing shoes said it was P1200 but the size that I got was worth P1650. I almost didn’t get it since the price was higher than what was said but the Toby’s saleslady was able to give me a 20% discount since the stock looked really old and well not worth the original price that was stated. It was good enough for me and i’m really thankful to the Toby’s saleslady for the effort. : )

so Finally, i was able to get me my boxing shoes and break it in Saturday evening… it felt pretty good though the ventilation wasn’t too good but it was bearable and the traction it gave me was better than the other pair of rubber shoes that i used to use gave. At least i wasn’t slipping anymore and my ankles felt well supported. My ankles didn’t feel like they were wearing down like in the other pair…

But then, i didn’t stay too long at the gym last Saturday. Had a pigout session at saisaki with carlo.. sigh… so much for working out… hehhehehe.

Ah well, so much for getting me work shoes with heels… hehehhe… i feel so guilty not getting new shoes when i definitely need new ones… hahaha.

555 Spanish Sardine Bihon

You have to try this out! We ate this at a beach outing for one of my co-worker’s birthday. At first it looked somewhat grayish and colorless but once you’ve tried it, its difficult to stop eating it.


spanish sardines bihon in the wok.

I think they sauteed the spanish sardines first then they put in the noodles… hehehe, dunno the exact methods but it sure was yummy and made me deviate from my supposed “diet”. heheheh

Just Starting Out…

I got my own wordpress blog and I’m still learning how to navigate through it. I needed some place to write about other stuff. Like my opinions about food, food places, boxing training, politics (sometimes), and just plain rants. More to come soon. I hope. 🙂